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Crores of people in India are suffering from major diseases due to not consulting doctors when they are sick with simple problems like general fever, etc. Poverty is the main reason for not consulting doctors. If they consult doctors at right time, we can avoid crores of people suffering from major diseases.

Due to poverty many people in India avoid medication to save money to feed their families. When the problem becomes chronic, the earning person will die and whole family will become orphaned. All those problems can be avoided with proper support.

Salaha is offering Free Consultation to make people consult doctors to get proper treatment to avoid major diseases. We believe Prevention is better than Cure. With your donations, we will offer Free Medicines, Free Diagnostics and Free Treatment to all.

Please come forward and contribute. Your contribution will transform lives.

  • Your contributions can Gift Good Health to a child in need
  • Your contributions can provide medical care to a malnourished child
  • Your contributions can offer best treatment to a suffering mother
  • Your contributions can provide help to a working father

Everyone deserves a fair chance.

Be that chance!


Donate to offer Free Consultation

Donate to offer Free Medicines

Donate to offer Free Lab Tests

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